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Advice for anyone co-habitating with the one they love… some good insight from those who’ve traveled the road ahead of the rest of us written by Doniree, a blogger I’ve come across and quite enjoy her posts.

Some of the key things that stood out to me:

  • The importance of carving out time together that goes beyond just the day-to-day
  • Split the chores
  • Do your own thing sometimes (careful not to lose yourself)
It’s a good article and reminder for those on the journey together.


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Hello, Mr. Wasp

After mowing my parents’ lawn, I saw a honeycomb on the inside of the gate that heads to the backyard from the side of the house. Of course, my instinct was “get your camera and take a picture.”

I thought I could get a better view from the side. Well, something was right there to remind me the honeycomb is “taken.” One snapshot, then I was gone. (The freakiest part to me is how it’s looking right at me.)

I’m picking up, what you’re putting down Mr. Wasp. Loud and clear.

Have you ever had a close encounter with some sort of wildlife and even have pictures to prove it? Do share. Big or small.

Photos are my own


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I don’t know about you, but here in Denver, we finally had nice weather for the Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day weekend. I even got sun-burned walking the dog. Hello sunshine, meet winter white skin…ouch!

It could have been the nice weather, three-day weekend, time spent with friends, who knows. But on Monday, I did something very unlike me. I went all ‘no recipe’ on the meal I made.

The dish itself even came to me as a vision while driving to the grocery store. I wanted to make everything on the grill. And I wanted to be the only one ‘manning’ the grill. No help from the boyfriend, as tempting as it was to ask him, not even when timers were going off and I was rushing from the kitchen to the grill outside and back again. I definitely sensed a look of concern on his face, he knows how I get when I cook. I want everything to be perfect and timed at the same time for a nice, hot meal. Alas, I stayed strong on not asking for help when the going got, well, a little frantic.

So what did we have? Well, as per my vision, I made buffalo sliders (approx. 10 minutes on the grill, flipped them a couple times while I figured out the grill’s hot spots and perfectly pink on the inside), corn on the cob (grilled in the husk, 5 min per side for a total of 20 minutes), asparagus (with mixture of olive oil, seasoned pepper and garlic powder, grilled for about 10 minutes with a few tosses), and a beautiful bowl of fresh berries (King Soopers had raspberries 10 for $10 and Sprouts had blackberries for $.77 each — finally prices are reasonable) and watermelon. Oh and to top it all off, we had Black Raspberry Chocolate ice cream for dessert (don’t have a picture of that though, it went fast).

Without a recipe. It just came to me. I tried things I thought would be good. And I cooked them all on the grill… by… my… self! Everything was finished at the same time. Table was set. It couldn’t have worked out better. Well, maybe a few panicked moments I could have done without, but where’s the fun in learning if you don’t have a few small “oh, s?!#t” moments.

If you know me, this is a huge achievement. I struggle with enjoying cooking at times. And this I enjoyed. There wasn’t a prouder person around.

What about you? Have you made a meal recently you’re proud of? It could be a PB&J sandwich for all I care. Gotta celebrate the big and small victories, know what I mean!

Hope you had a safe Memorial Day and took a moment to say thanks to those who’ve sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Catch ya on the flip side.

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I got a piece of mail that I thought was junk mail (I know, weird right), to my surprise, it was a happy mistake. It said, “Here’s a big Thank You for being an Xcel Energy Customer.” Something Xcel wanted me to know is that they’re proud to be part of the local community.

So how did they thank me… as a sign of their appreciation for me being an Xcel Energy customer, they wanted to make a $25 donation to one of three charities that I could pick from. WOW. That’s it. No hidden agenda. No ulterior motive.

Pretty cool thing for a company to do, to help give money back to my local community. Especially since I don’t feel like I have any real choice in using Xcel or not. So thank you Xcel for realizing the bigger picture that even when my bill comes and I think “GOOD GOSH!” at least I know for a huge corporation, your priorities are in pretty good order 🙂

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I’m coming up on six months living in my first home and one of the fun things I looked forward to doing was having my own Christmas tree. So I did, what do you think?

This year, I also completed my fireplace renovation that I wrote about previously, by adding a fireplace cover with baskets underneath and of course, stockings hung by the chimney with care.

Next year, I’ll be adding lights to my little home in addition to my tree, after all, tis the season.

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Home Renovation

I’ve begun to make small improvements to my place.

One thing you can do yourself that makes a big impact is painting.

So that’s exactly what I did. Take a look at my newly painted fireplace and tell me what you think.

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