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How many times in 20-10 did you think to yourself, “wow, this year is flying by!”? I think I said it a thousand times and meant it. The year literally went by in a blink of an eye. First, it was spring skiing season, then Labor Day weekend, then post-Halloween sugar coma, and now it’s 20-11. Yikes!

I can’t begin the New Year until I look back on this whirlwind that was 2010. So what was my year like, well if you know anything about me, whether personally or from reading this blog, you know I love pictures. So I’ll do what I do best… (just the big things though)

First trip to San Antonio – seeing the River Walk and The Alamo

A winter full of skiing the Rocky Mountains

Running my first half-marathon – ran the entire time, didn’t stop even when I desperately wanted to, one of those moments so far that I’ve been so proud of myself

Visiting Hollywood with my family – including a stop at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum where I could just help out a friend in need 🙂

Visiting D.C. for work

Colorado wine tour – sampling the local vineyards on the Front Range

Hiking and camping in the summer

Family reunion in Pittsburgh – the Iron City – and visiting places from my childhood summers

My sorority, Alpha Phi, celebrates its Centennial

Halloween and the Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear in D.C.

A beautiful December wedding with a wonderful girlfriend in St. Louis

And the best Christmas with my family we’ve ever had – an amazing way to celebrate the end of 2010

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I’m coming up on six months living in my first home and one of the fun things I looked forward to doing was having my own Christmas tree. So I did, what do you think?

This year, I also completed my fireplace renovation that I wrote about previously, by adding a fireplace cover with baskets underneath and of course, stockings hung by the chimney with care.

Next year, I’ll be adding lights to my little home in addition to my tree, after all, tis the season.

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This holiday season, whatever you celebrate and wherever you are, remember to appreciate each other, be a little more understanding and be grateful to live each day.

From my family to yours, happy holidays!

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