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Having recently turned 30, I came across this article about the 13 money lies you should stop telling yourself by 30. Naturally, the article piqued my interest. These are the 13 questions that it tackles, so rather than copy and paste, I just thought I’d share. Some good insight and life lessons to be learned.


1. So long as my job pays well, it’s OK if I hate it.

2. If I turn a blind eye, somehow my finances will figure themselves out.

3. I should get married because it’s the ‘next step.’

4. Banks and bill collectors will get their way no matter what I do.

5. I should buy a home because that’s what grown-ups do.

6. If I start dipping into my savings now, I’ll have plenty of time to make up for it later.

7. I’m too inexperienced to start investing.

8. I’m a failure because I’m not getting paid as much as other people my age.

9. I can still afford to eat like I’m 16.

10. I can still pull off the outfits I wore in college.

11. If I get approved for new credit, obviously I can handle it.

12. I should have kids now because I want them.

13. I’m pretty much invincible.



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