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I love TED and the many speakers they bring in to discuss various topics.

This one is from General Colin Powell and it’s about how structure helps kids grow up smarter and become their best.

Kids need the gift of a good start…They need to be a part of a tribe, community, family…There are kids that can make it, if you give them structure…All of us have to have a commitment to do that…We have to invest in our future.”

Some good insight from General Powell and worth the watch.

Always be looking for that which you do well and that which you love doing, and when you find those two things together — man, you got it.”

Thanks for the perspective and good advice. What do you think? Do kids need structure?

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When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you look good. So…


TED Talk: The hidden power of smiling by Ron Gutman

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Not as often as I would like, but I watch TED talk presentations. I have the TED Talk RSS feed, which gives me a list of all these fascinating presentations and conversations. When I see one that inspires me to share, then I do, here with you.

Below is a TED Talk from Amit Sood. Amit works for Google and he designed and launched GoogleArtProject.com. An effort to bring the world’s greatest museums online. His reasoning at the end of the video is interesting too, since he sees this as not Google or the museums’ success, but the artists. Celebrating their art, the intricate scenes, brush strokes, even the cracks that now make up these masterpieces.

The presentation is a quick demo of this fascinating site and was enough for me to be thrilled at the opportunity that lies ahead to “visit” these museums and explore my art favorites.

Do you like looking at art? Do you have a favorite art style? I think this could help me achieve #32 on my list of 35 Things to do Before I’m 35, but now I can scratch “local” off and keep it simply, art galleries.

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I enjoy reading several different blogs. Some give me insight on personal development. Some are pure and simple entertainment. While others provide me the opportunity to learn something new. One of these blogs that I enjoy reading is Andrew Hyde’s blog – even better is that somewhat recently he’s been writing about his fantastic travels, unique events he’s attended and his personal challenge to live a minimalist lifestyle (something I find inspiring).

One post featured Andrew’s favorite presentation from a TED Talks event. Completely surprising, amazing and sure to give you goosebumps. The presentation is by Sarah Kay and all I can say is WOW! I don’t have a daughter, but when I do, pretty sure this already sums it up for what I’ll want for her.

Check it out and tell me what you think.

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